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General information

-What is the subject matter of the journal?

The journal focuses on to the history of Opus Dei, its founder and its central characters. The journal examines the content of its documents and explores the influence of Opus Dei in the Catholic Church and in contemporary society. Each issue features 8-10 articles written by specialists and assessed using the peer review system.

-What sections does the journal have?

Each issue has a monographic section which includes several articles on a particular subject in addition to a miscellaneous section; furthermore, previously unpublished documents are presented with an appropriate introduction and with expert commentaries. The journal also has a report containing news of academic interest as well as a bibliographic section with reviews and synopses of books published on topics specific to the area of interest of the journal. Finally, the journal includes a comprehensive bibliographic list of publications from all over the world about Opus Dei and its founder.

-Who is the intended audience of the journal?

The journal which is prepared with methodological rigor is a publication intended for scholars but will also have an appeal for the general public with an interest in the subject matter.

-How often is the journal published?

The journal is published annually. It has been published continuously since 2007.

-When is each issue published?

Each new issue is released around the end of March each year.

-How big is the journal?

The journal consists of around 500 pages.

-In which languages is the journal available?

Each article is published in the language of the author. Contributions are accepted in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.

-May I consult the index of the journal before purchasing the issue?

Yes. Please see here.

-I would like to get in touch with the journal, how can I do this?

You can make contact with us by e-mail (, by regular mail (Studia et Documenta, Via dei Farnesi 83, 00186 Roma, Italia) or by telephone (+39 0668164610).


-How many types of subscription are available?

Three: annual, biennial and triennial, each of which may be purchased in paper format, in paper and digital format or digital format only. A discount of 20% is applied to a biennial subscription while the triennial subscription is entitled to a discount of 27%. And finally, there is the possibility of buying the entire collection while taking advantage of a discount of 35%

-What payment methods are available?

On-line credit card payment, direct debit (only available for current accounts opened in Spain) and by bank transfer (Account Holder: Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá. Banca Intesa San Paolo S. P. A. IBAN: IT68M0306909606100000125402 BIC: BCITITMM).

-How do I subscribe to the journal?

Through our website, following the instructions indicated. If preferred, subscription details may be provided (account holder name, mailing address, e-mail and contact telephone number) to our e-mail address ( or to our postal address.

-Is it possible to pay in cash?

Yes, but only in our offices, (Via dei Farnesi, 83-00186 Rome). Please do not send money by mail.

-Is it possible to pay by check?


-Do any of the payment methods involve additional costs?


-How is it possible to know if the payment has been completed successfully?

If the purchase order is made by credit card, an e-mail will be sent confirming the successful completion of the payment. If the purchase is made using a bank transfer then a confirmation e-mail will be sent once the amount has been recorded in our current account. Finally, if the purchase is made from Spain using direct debit then the customer’s own bank will confirm payment; contact will only be made by us when there is a problem with the transaction.

-Your payment system does not accept my credit card, what should I do?

Make sure that your details have been correctly entered. The cardholder’s name must be written exactly as it appears on the card. The CVV code is a three-digit number located on the back of the card. If the problem persists then contact your bank to see if your card is authorized to make online payments. In any case, please get in touch with us (by writing to and we can look for another solution.

-I placed an order by mistake, is it possible to cancel the purchase order?

Yes. Just notify us via email ( as soon as possible. If payment has already been made, we will refund the amount.

-The delivery time has exceeded the time estimated and the journal still has not arrived, what should I do?

Please notify us immediately and we will take the necessary steps to identify the cause of the problem, if a solution is not possible then an additional copy of the journal will be sent to you free of charge.

-I have received a damaged copy or the copy is not the one I ordered: what can I do?

Please notify us immediately and we will immediately send you a replacement copy completely free of charge. There is no need to return the damaged or mistaken copy. It is only necessary to send us a photo of the damaged copy so as to present a timely claim to the transport company.

-I have received the journal, if for some reason I am not satisfied, can I return it?

Yes; you have 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal, without giving any reason. Please inform us by e-mail at the address: ( The customer will however bear the costs of returning the purchase. You will be reimbursed when the journal arrives. There is no refund for digital products if they have already been downloaded.

– Why must I give a telephone number?

We only need the telephone number to make the delivery of the journal easier. We usually ship with DHL and the delivery person may need the number of a telephone that is attended throughout the day, in case a problem occurs or to make contact and agree on a delivery time.

-Is it possible to buy back numbers?

Yes, as long as stocks last. They can be ordered on our website or ordered directly by e-mail to

Subscription management

– How can I check the status of my subscription?

If you have already registered on our website then all your details are available there. You can e-mail us at any time requesting information about the status of your subscription (

– How can I modify my subscription details?

A request may be sent by e-mail or by letter.

– Why am I assigned a customer code when I take out a subscription? Do I need to retain this number?

Every subscriber is assigned a customer code that simplifies their localization and identification in our database. It is very helpful if you quote this number when you contact us.

– My customer code has been changed, why has this happened?

A customer code is assigned to the titleholder of the subscription (whether it is a person or an institution). Thus whenever the titleholder changes there is a corresponding change in the customer code.

– I am missing one of the issues of the journal but I cannot recall whether I didn’t purchase this particular issue or it simply never arrived. How can I investigate this?

You can make contact with us by sending an e-mail to and we will check your customer record.

– If my order is of two or three years duration, will I be informed when my subscription is about to expire?

Yes, an e-mail or letter will be sent in good time.

– Is it possible to make a subscription in my name but send the journal to another person at a different address?

Yes. This can be indicated when making the order on our web page or it can be communicated at any time.

Shipment of the journal in paper format

– What delivery method is used?

The journals are generally shipped by DHL. Depending on the type of delivery, other transport companies like UPS can also be used.

– When will I receive the journal?

If the issue of the journal has already been published then it will be sent within one day of the completion of the order and the journal will arrive within a few days.

– What will happen if I pay for the journal before it has been published?

It will be sent in mid-April.

– Will I be notified once the journal has been sent?

Yes, DHL will send notification by e-mail.

– Is it possible to check the status of my order at any time?

Yes, DHL will supply you with the waybill (AWB) number for your shipment. You can then access the DHL web ( and insert this code in the tracking box to monitor at all times the status of your shipment.

Shipment of the journal in electronic format

– How will I obtain the digital format of the journal?

A personalized link will be sent to your e-mail address; by clicking on this link the journal will be downloaded. It is also possible to download the journal from your account on the web page using the credentials which were given to you when you purchased the subscription in digital format.

– How many times can I download the digital file?

Ten downloads are permitted, there is no time limit.

– How many different devices can I use to read the digital file?

A maximum of ten devices is permitted (computers, tablets, mobiles, Kindle, etc.).

– If I am not successful in downloading the digital file, what should I do?

Make contact with us via e-mail ( and we will indicate the steps you need to follow.

– If I purchased the journal in paper format but now require it in digital format as well, what should I do?

You can make a new purchase order selecting the journal only in digital format.

– What formats are available for the digital edition of the journal?

PDF: this is an exact copy of the journal in paper format; ePub: this is a flexible format which adjusts to the screen size and allows the font to be enlarged as desired, it can be read by all types of devices such as Ipad, Iphone, smartphones and Android tablets, etc.; and mobi: this is similar to ePub but is specifically for Amazon Kindle devices. You will be sent a compressed file (ZIP) containing the three formats.

– Can I distribute the electronic format of the journal among persons who are not subscribers?

The journal in electronic format may be installed on a maximum of ten devices, for domestic use or among friends.


– I would like to consult an article in the journal, is it possible to request a copy of just that article or is it necessary to purchase the complete volume?

Yes, it is possible to access the contents of the journal free of charge but it is only possible to download each article in a separate file. The download can be done directly on our website or on the Dialnet digital platform:

– Can I put forward an article or book review for publication in the journal?

Yes, the rules for contributors may be consulted in the paper edition of the journal or on our website . It is always important to bear in mind the subject matter of the journal.

Libraries and Universities

– Are there subscription discounts for libraries?


-Is it possible to propose a journal exchange?

Yes. Requests for new exchanges should be addressed to: Studia et Documenta. Rivista dell’Istituto Storico San Josemaría, Via dei Farnesi 83, 00186 Rome (Italy).